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At David Lawrence we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, high level of craftsmanship and broad range of skills. David, who started the company in 1975, took a step back at the age of 84 after years of passing on his knowledge and expertise.

Will now manages the company and continues to take it in new directions whilst maintaining the high level of craftsmanship which David Lawrence is known for. Will studied architecture and has a wealth of experience in both residential projects as well as large scale commercial ventures from his years at a London architecture practice. 

Luxury Bespoke Furniture

We make furniture for a wide range of clients in the hospitality and residential market, nationally and internationally. We specialise in upholstery, re-upholstery, banquette seating, wall paneling, beds, headboards and cabinetry. With an in-house polishing shop and a strong relationship with local frame makers we have control over the whole process of manufacturing meaning we can ensure our high standards are met every time. We work closely with designers to help them achieve their vision, we can provide full technical drawings design development and work to make sure every detail is fit for purpose.

Whether its your grandpa's favorite armchair that needs a new lease of life, or you're an interior designer kitting out twenty luxury flats, we can help.

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