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Bespoke upholstered headboards, we are willing to work with you to any design.

Fixed to the wall or free standing, flat or winged. We can use your choice of fabric or provide you with a wide choice of materials and colours from our broad range of suppliers. Go for a sleek square look or a more classic shaped curved form, or perhaps something completely different of your own imagination. We can upholster your headboard as one padded panel or a series of panels to create a pattern (e.g. herring bone, chevrons), to your desired thickness and softness with seams or buttoning detail.  Your headboard can be finished with your preferred show wood, solid or veneered and then carefully polished to your desired sheen and colour (colour matching available). Add the finishing touches with metal trim, available in various different metal finish options, (gold, silver, brass or bronze, matt, gloss, brushed or textured) these trims could just be a border or a more integral feature. Alternatively you could go for more traditional upholstery features such as studding, piping or stitching, and whilst your're at it why not get a made to measure upholstered bed to match.

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