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Upholstery Service in Essex

If you are someone that has been trying to find a company which can offer you a first-class upholstery service in Essex, it is hard to look past David Lawrence Furniture Essex as the prime candidate. For those of you that have not worked with us in the past, we are a family-operated business which has been operating within the furniture industry for forty five years. Having worked on countless projects since our establishment, you can be sure that we consistently achieve first-class results for our customers. Should you wish to make an initial inquiry into using our services, we ask that you visit our website’s contact page, and subsequently choose a method which suits you to get in touch.

Benefits Associated With Upholstering

There are some people that believe that once the fabric begins to fray on a piece of furniture, this is the end - it must be thrown out and replaced immediately. Whilst this may have been the case in years gone by, now there is an alternate solution which is not only pragmatic, but can also bring about general improvements. You are able to choose a design which better suits the decor of your home, or one that was not available when the piece was first made. If you are someone to whom this sounds appealing to, and subsequently are interested in sourcing an upholstery service in Essex, why not reach out to us here at David Lawrence Furniture?

What Does our Reupholstery Service Entail?

If you come to the conclusion that David Lawrence Furniture is the company that you would like to provide you with an upholstery service in Essex, allow us to elaborate a little more on what you can expect. Many people are under the impression that the work that we do is solely cosmetic - we are pleased to inform you that this is not the case. There are some pieces which are brought to us that have seen the filling deteriorate over the years - for these, we are able to replace it with high-quality materials. Typically, this service predominantly involves measuring up, and subsequently fitting, new fabric onto the exterior of the unit. You can, if you are interested, continue your reading on this subject by going to our website’s dedicated page on the matter. 


Experienced Furniture Manufacturers based in Essex

We recognise that not all customers that come to us are interested in taking advantage of our upholstery service in Essex. Thankfully, having been in operation since 1975, we are more than proficient in providing an array of additional services. For example, if you are a restaurant that is looking for quirky seating for your diners, our banquette seating could catch your eye. Alternatively, if you would like to transform your interior walls into contemporary masterpieces, we advise that you take advantage of our provision of paneled walls. Whichever service you opt for, you can expect the results to be exceptional. 

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